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Regional Drought Resilience Plan

We want to hear from you!!!! Wentworth and Balranald Shire4s are partnering to undertake a Regional Drought Resilience Plan. Workshops Near You:

Economic Development Strategy 2024-2028 – for Residents in the Balranald Shire

Be part of shaping our great future Balranald Shire Council has started researching our Economic Development Strategy for 2024-2028 – and we want to hear from you. This research will identify Councils’ strengths, challenges and opportunities as they seek the best possible outcomes for their residents, for existing industry / business and for future investments. […]

Do you like working Heights

SecureEnergy is launching the Legacy 100 initiative. This program aims to attract up to 100 candidates to complete a Certificate II in Transmission Line Construction to work on Australia’s largest transmission line project, EnergyConnect. SecureEnergy has been contracted by Transgrid to deliver the NSW component of EnergyConnect with the construction of 700km of new power […]

Mosquito bite prevention resources

Warmer weather and this year’s higher than average rains and flooding makes the perfect conditions for a big mosquito season. Many people don’t know that in NSW, mosquitoes can also spread viruses such as Japanese encephalitis virus (JEV), Murray Valley encephalitis and Ross River virus. While serious illness and hospitalisation from these viruses is rare, the more […]

Draft Policy – Public Gates & Stock Grids

Balranald Shire Council is inviting public submissions concerning the Draft Public Gates and Stock Grids policy which will impact on all landowners who have installed Public Gates or Stock Grids on roads within the shire.The new policy complies with the requirements of the Roads Act, which states that a road authority may permit landowners through […]

Balranald Shire Council Delivers a Financially Sound Result

The Balranald Shire Council has reported a positive operating result of $1.7m for the year ended 30th June 2022 and has set aside over $1.8m for the replacement and upgrades to plant and equipment to deliver road and works upgrades for the community. In referring the draft Annual Statements for audit, the Administrator Mike Colreavy […]

Swooping Magpies

Magpies swoop when nestingHow to deal with this natural, seasonal behaviour.Magpies are native birds protected by the Biodiversity Conservation Act 2016. This makes itagainst the law to kill the birds, collect their eggs, or harm their young.Balranald Shire Council has no powers to authorise or carry out the destruction of magpiesand cannot discharge a firearm […]

NSW Governor appoints Administrator to Council

On Wednesday 29 January 2020, the Governor of New South Wales appointed an Administrator to the Balranald Shire Council. The Administrator is Michael Colreavy, an experienced local government leader and manager.  Mr Colreavy replaces the elected Mayor and Councillors, whose offices were declared vacant by the Governor. Mr Colreavy has been appointed for a term […]

Balranald council issued with a performance improvement order

The Hon. Gabrielle Upton MP, Minister for Local Government has issued Balranald Shire Council with a Performance Improvement Order. Click here to view the order Click here to view the Updated Implementation Plan – Dec 2017 Click here to view the Updated Implementation Plan – February 2018 Click here to view the Updated Implementation Plan – April 2019 Letters […]