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14 September 2024 Council Elections will be held

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On Wednesday 29 January 2020, the Governor of New South Wales appointed an Administrator to the Balranald Shire Council.

The Administrator is Michael Colreavy, an experienced local government leader and manager. Mr Colreavy replaces the elected Mayor and Councillors, whose offices were declared vacant by the Governor. Mr Colreavy has been appointed for a term of more than four years up to the September 2024 local government elections.

The Administrator acts as the elected Council body and performs the functions and responsibilities of the Council. The Council management now reports to Mr Colreavy.

The appointment was on the recommendation of the Minister for Local Government, the Hon. Shelley Hancock MP. Minister Hancock also tabled in the NSW Parliament the results of the Public Inquiry into Balranald Shire Council. The Public Inquiry began in January 2019 and its report tabled on 29 January 2020 confirmed widespread dysfunction in the Council and a failure to serve the interests of the community.

Mr Colreavy’s appointment will provide independent leadership with priorities to:

  • Restore good governance; working with the existing Balranald Shire Council executive team
  • Restore good relationships with the community
  • Ensure that the community’s voice is heard and represented

Mr Colreavy has served in local government for more than 37 years, including 12 years as a council general manager and another eight years in local government leadership roles. A feature of his credentials is his depth of experience with regional councils.

Michael Colreavy may be contacted at Council on telephone 5020 1300 or by email at


Delegations of authority – November 2020

Mr. Colreavy

A councillor or designated person must make and lodge with the general manager a return in the form set out in schedule 2 of the Model Code of Conduct (the Code), disclosing the councillor’s or designated person’s interests as specified in schedule 1 of the code.  (Code Of Conduct for Local Councils NSW  cl. 4.21).
Information contained in returns made and lodged under clause 4.21 is to be made publicly available in accordance with the requirements of the Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009, the Government Information (Public Access) Regulation 2009 and any guidelines issued by the Information Commissioner.  (Code Of Conduct for Local Councils NSW  cl. 4.27).

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