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Annual Reports / Documents

Annual Reports

Balranald Shire Council Annual Reports are presented each November.

The Annual Report outlines the operations of Council for the previous twelve months.

Revenue Policy
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Financial Statements

The financial statements are General Purpose Financial Statements and cover the consolidated operations for Balranald Shire Council.

Statement of Environment Report

The purpose of SoE report is to provide accurate, up-to-date and accessible information about environmental and heritage conditions,
trends and pressures for the Australian continent, surrounding seas and Australia’s external territories.  The SoE report is used to:
• report on major causal factors that are influencing Australia’s environment and heritage
• report on the effectiveness of responses designed to address change
• identify the issues most relevant to the sustainability of Australia’s environment and heritage
• contribute to public understanding of the state of Australia’s environment and heritage
• identify relevant gaps in information
• further develop and improve the SoE reporting process, and
• facilitate policy development at all levels of government.

End of Term Report
Increasing Resilience to Climate Change (IRCC)

The Balranald Shire Council IRCC demonstration project aimed to identify and pilot measures to mitigate the risk of
increasing temperatures and variable rainfall under climate change to the provision of adequate and
safe private domestic water supplies for people on rural and remote properties in Balranald Shire.

The project had three objectives. Leadership and governance issues within BSC, poor
communications and community engagement, and COVID constraints made it difficult to achieve
Objective 1 and build a sustainable institutional, local government and community-based
partnership in the timeframe for the project (i.e. completion in October 2021). Notwithstanding,
sufficient groundwork was done to underpin the delivery of the project on time and on budget.
Objective 2, to establish an ‘environmental base line’ for domestic supplies on rural and remote
properties was completed and a baselines report prepared. Objective 3 to develop and pilot a SSDW
Program for rural and remote properties has been achieved, albeit not at the scale initially envisaged
for the project. Allowing for the impediments due to internal issues with the Council and COVID 19
pandemic restrictions, the objectives were achieved, and the aim of the Climate Change Adaptive
Private Domestic Water Supplies for Rural and Remote Properties Project was attained.

The project was funded by the NSW Government and Council partnered with Management Solutions to assist with the IRCC Project.