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Waste Water

Balranald Shire Council operates a waste water and sewerage scheme within Balranald and Euston for sewerage disposal. Residences within the Shire are required to connect to these schemes where they are available. All residences outside the designated areas are required to provide their own onsite sewerage management system.

Anyone wishing to connect a new service to the sewerage system or seek additional information should contact Council for the appropriate application form or advice on 03 5020 1300.

Septic Tanks

Installation of on-site sewage management systems requires approval from Council before installation. The type of system approved will be determined by the site (soil) conditions and any potential contamination issues.

On-site sewage management systems are subject to Council regulations which are designed to protect the public health as well as the environment.

More information and application forms on the installation and management of septic tanks can be obtained by contacting Council’s Environmental Services Department during business hours on 03 5020 1300.