NSW Rural Fire Service Announcement – NSW Bush Fire Danger Period begins on October 1


The NSW Rural Fire Service (NSW RFS) is reminding Balranald and Wentworth residents that the Bush Fire Danger Period for these areas will commenced on Saturday October 1.


NSW RFS Superintendent Steve Walker advises that “Come October 1, any person burning in the open without a valid Permit risks heavy penalties. Residents wishing to light a fire in the open are still required to notify the Dareton Fire Control Centre and their neighbours, 24 hours prior to lighting up anytime of the year”.

All residents in the Balranald and Wentworth areas need to be vigilant and extremely careful with fire.

Please contact the Dareton Fire Control Centre for any advice in relation to burning requirements and notifications.

Any person who fails to notify their neighbours or the relevant fire authority may risk fines starting at $1,100

“We don’t want to have to fine anyone in our community; it is as simple as making a phone call to avoid any legal ramifications.” Supt Walker said

Supt Walker would also like to remind residents of Balranald and Wentworth that information in the media released by the CFA may differ from what is required in NSW, so he encourages residents who are unsure of anything to call the Dareton Fire Control Centre Monday to Friday from 900am to 430 pm, on 03 5027 4422, or call into the office at 58 – 60 Mitchell Avenue Dareton.

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